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Sue Hesse is renowned for inspiring corporate teams, YPO and EO members for over 30 years, delivering nearly 3,500 retreats, forum programs and trainings in 30+ countries. She is a Master Trainer, YPO certified facilitator and sought after consultant to executive teams, forums and chapters. An entrepreneur who founded and grew a successful printing business, a partner, a parent and a leader; Sue understands the lives, opportunities and challenges of business owners and leaders. Sue served as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence for the Kauffman Foundation for 13 years, linking the foundation to its audiences. 

Sue has designed and developed innovative programs for YPO, EO, Harvard, Lean In, XLO, the Chambers of Commerce and countless other organizations. A top-rated and sought after facilitator, Sue delivers engaging experiences that support individuals and groups to find depth, candor, trust, creativity, effectiveness and experience life changing conversations leaving a lasting impact. 

Sue now leads a handpicked team of certified and experienced facilitators and consultants, who share their expertise and knowledge of forum, human dynamics, leadership, emotional intelligence and meeting effectiveness.  


Sue is based in La Jolla California.


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