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Susan D. Hesse

CEO & Founder

At Hesse Partners, we take pride in our carefully curated team, dedicated to providing executives, forums, chapters of YPO and EO, corporations, universities, and other membership organizations with exceptional opportunities for learning and transformative growth on a global scale. Our expert facilitators are not only brilliant in their designs but also skilled at leading engaging conversations, powerful retreats, and best-in-class events.


Through these experiences, we align participants with their objectives, fostering improved effectiveness, self-awareness, and tangible outcomes.

Our commitment to innovation and sophistication sets us apart. Groundbreaking content is crafted with utmost care, tailored to inspire and empower our clients. The results speak for themselves – strong, meaningful relationships formed through life-changing dialogues, immersive experiences, invaluable feedback, and profound insights.

Programs & Services


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Forum Workshops

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Design & Development

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