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Mike is a Certified EOS Implementer and Community Leader for EOS Worldwide. Mike began his own journey as an entrepreneur when he co-founded a training company in 1993. As CEO, he grew the business with the help of 100+ instructors and staff to over $20M in revenue, operations in the US and UK, and international recognition. Mike joined Young President’s Organization (YPO) in 2000 and rekindled his passion and talent for teaching and facilitation with the business leaders in YPO. For over 10 years he has delivered highly regarded professional programs for YPO forums and chapters in the US and internationally.


In 2015, Mike sold his training business to a global IT training organization and focused on helping business leaders implement EOS®. As a certified EOS® implementer, he combines his deep business and leadership experiences, love of teaching, and talent for group facilitation to fulfill his dream of helping entrepreneurs to learn and grow.  


Mike's 10 years of teaching and facilitating business executives helps clients navigate the tough but powerful conversations needed to move their lives and businesses forward. The result is self-awareness, aligned vision, better execution, healthier leaders, and desired results.  Mike believes in systems and processes and the power of authentic leaders to bring them to life.


Mike lives in Los Angeles, California.

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