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Lesley Hayes is an entrepreneur, leader, scholar, facilitator, wife and mother.  She founded and built companies in North America, Europe and Costa Rica, leading teams of 3 to 300 through growth, challenge and restructuring.  Her 10+ years in Senior Leadership at the global level of the Entrepreneur’s Organization have spanned Forum, Mentorship, Accelerator and Leadership Principles. In the last 20 years, Les has facilitated forum and leadership workshops for EO, YPO and corporate audiences in 15+ countries, working with audiences of 4 to 200. Les is a gifted content curator, having designed and delivered innovative programing for global audiences such as YPO's Global EDGE conference and top-rated entrepreneurship courses at the University of Calgary.  


Les has a unique ability to weave her academic perspective with leadership reality into a dynamic model of personal growth and development.  Les reads voraciously, builds powerful and respectful relationships and as CCO (Chief Creative Officer), she oversees the content development at Hesse Partners. Deeply grounded in the tenants of forum, she believes each of us have our own answers, can achieve everything we believe in wholeheartedly and in the power of fully present listening.  

Les lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and runs her business in Costa Rica.


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