Forum Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for members and spouses integrating into an existing forum or creating a new one.
This one-day instructional workshop will ensure you have a solid foundation and understanding in forum process and protocols to enjoy a successful forum journey. 

Moderator workshops are designed for up to 10 moderators and incoming moderators. Your forum’s health is greatly influenced by the moderator’s expertise, experience and leadership so be sure they are well trained. Our facilitator will moderate a forum meeting in the afternoon modeling professional facilitation skills and techniques.

Launch your forum with connection, intention and agreed upon tools. We will help set high expectations to create a valuable forum experience.


Our team is certified to offer a wide range of training programs and workshops. Our standard curriculum includes:

  • YPO Forum Fundamental & Forum Moderator & Leadership  Development

  • YPO SuperCharge

  • EO Forum Training Program & Moderator Training Program

  • EO Advanced Forum Series

  • Lean In Circles

  • Forum Launch Programs

  • Fall-Kick Off Meeting 

  • Mid-Year Review for all groups

Advanced Forum Series (AFS) are 4-hour programs offered to an intact forum. Your forum will select the module of your choice to experience together through the mastery of a professional facilitator.

Our Fall-Kick Off meeting will reconnect the group, establish content for the coming year and empower your moderator to ensure high take home value to proactively stay the course.

The Mid-Year Reviewwill help forums stay on track with any tune up needed to sustain momentum through the rest of the year.

“Huge thank you for an amazing launch of Lean In. By all accounts, you rocked the house. We have a growing, engaged community, lots of people using our education and submitting stories, and this is just the beginning. So very grateful for all you do.”

Sheryl Sandberg  COO, Facebook, Founder, Lean In



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