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Fletcher McKenzie works with people and teams, sharing how to build and strengthen relationships, is a dedicated trainer, facilitator and leader, in his own firms and in forum retreats, spousal forums and virtual online forums.

Fletcher started out training teenagers in the Air Force’s Cadet Corps. For over a decade he has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Fletch builds thoughtful content, facilitates forum workshops, leads forum retreats, trains and works with boards, MC of conferences, Arbinger workshops, including Washington DC’s Leadership Academy with White House Scholar Warren Rustand.

Fletcher teaches reflection and deeper thinking, vulnerability and creating a safe place to share deeply, learn and grow through the simple process of self-discovery. Fletcher’s global leadership service in EO includes building the first EO Regional Council and three years on EO’s Global Board. A master facilitator for Strategy Summits, Global Leadership Academy and a highly rated Forum and Moderator Trainer and has trained in 23 countries. He holds a pilot’s license, and won two National Aerobatic Flying competitions and placed 5th in the 2017 World Masters Swim Meet. Fletcher’s passion for flying, learning and building relationships is unmatched.

 Fletcher divides his time between New Zealand, Australia and South Asia.

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