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Anthony DiMarco earned over 25 years of leadership experience as a serial entrepreneur.  He is prepared to hear and support leaders in a way few can; as a “Bridge Builder,” consummate connector and student of people. A high-performance coach, speaker and facilitator, Anthony brings clear passion and practical insight to support individuals and executive teams to new levels of leadership. He is a senior-level coach, strategic planner and supports team health. He partners with leaders and their teams to achieve goals, achieve business results and uphold organizational values. An EOS Implementer, Anthony’s engaging and collaborative style inspires executives and leadership teams to develop strong alignment and a clear roadmap to measurable results. 


Anthony is a long-time member leader in EO.  Having served EO in his chapter, regionally and globally he is now an internationally recognized Forum Trainer.  He earned a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies and an Honors degree in Psychology, but realizes that knowledge is worthless if he doesn’t pay it forward. 


Anthony coaches from his belief that success in life “total, balanced, fulfilling success” comes from vision. Doing the right things, in the right order and at the right time.  He created his own success that way, and supports leaders to do the same.

Anthony lives with his wife and daughters in Toronto, Canada.


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