Andro Donovan is a globally sought after facilitator, speaker, best-selling author and high-performance leadership coach. In the past 25 years, she has worked cross-culturally with hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders to strengthen the meaning and purpose in their lives and provide them with more meaningful cultures in their business environments.  Andro’s skills of management consulting, facilitation and natural insight bring leadership skills to life with impact, influence, effectiveness and perspective.

Andro creates safe environments where deep personal transformation can happen individually and in collaboration. She is best known for her life-changing fullfilment retreats with focus on self-awareness, authenticity and personal power. 
From her background of teaching English Literature to disengaged school students, and getting them to be inspired about their life and future, Andro went on to work in well known management consulting practice specializing in Corporate transformation in the Financial services sector before setting up Hemingway's Consulting Group a leadership development and corporate transformation consultancy.  She is a fully certified YPO facilitator and has run a number of retreats for members of EO.

Andro resides in London, England.