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Scott Zingheim leverages his background in finance, as well as career experience from both Wall Street and industry, to engage companies, executive teams, and board groups on a variety of strategic planning and leadership initiatives. Working with groups across YPO, YPO Gold and EO as well as teams from the corporate and non-profit sectors, Scott helps drive growth through an emphasis on strategy, communication and team building.


Scott spent five years on Wall Street advising clients in the healthcare and technology industries, most recently with J.P. Morgan’s healthcare investment banking group focusing on life science tools and diagnostics. During his banking career, Scott executed multiple high profile transactions across mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity capital markets, representing over $6 billion in transaction value. Scott left J.P. Morgan to head Corporate Development and Strategy at Synthetic Genomics (SGI), a global leader in synthetic biology based in La Jolla, CA, where he was responsible for the sourcing and execution of strategic initiatives across all lines of business. 


Now a biotechnology founder, entrepreneur and operator, Scott is applying his experiences as an advisor, corporate strategist, and facilitator to his own ventures - currently serving as co-founder and chief operating officer of Cellibre, as well as chief business officer of DeepDiveBio. 


Scott holds a B.A. in economics from Loyola Marymount University and is a level III Chartered Financial Analyst candidate.

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